CPL Points System - View Reports

This view screen provides public access to a racer's results and related points calculations.  From within a report click on the racer's license number and a list of all races under consideration will be shown.  For Seeding Lists that are produced periodically over the season (normally 5 periods) the Distance CPL is the average of the best 7 results and Sprint CPL is the average of the best 4, for each period only races in the previous 12 months are eligible.  From time to time there may also be Adhoc ranking lists posted that relate to some team or trip selections, the number of races and which races are included will be determined by the relevant selection criteria.


For the detailed policy and methodologies that are used to generate these "Seeding" lists please read the CCC publication at http://www.cccski.com/Events/Points.aspx


If you have any concerns with points or race results that are listed please contact the CCC Office by email at info@cccski.com or call 1-877-609-3215 ext 31.


When you open the lists for viewing the default order will be by points ranking. It is also possible to sort the list by lastname or firstname by clicking on the titles "LastName" or "FirstName" in the header bar at the top of the document window.  You can return to ranked order by clicking on "Rank".


As always, CCC encourages all athletes and coaches to check the lists for accuracy.  Any concerns can be passed on using the contact infomation above.