Details for: Skyler May 42407Club: Blow Me Down TrailsMost Recent Season: 2018 / 2019
Points List for Skyler May
View6th End of Season CPL DiDistanceSeedingApr 16, 2018Apr 16, 20197476165.62Details
View6th End of Season CPL SprintSprintSeedingApr 16, 2018Apr 16, 20194364769.13Details
View2019-20 NST selection pts listDistanceAdhocJul 1, 2018Apr 18, 2019437666.54Details
View2019-20 NST selection pts listSprintAdhocJul 1, 2018Apr 18, 2019330769.85Details
Viewrising stars ad hoc listDistanceSeedingMar 20, 2018Mar 20, 20197489365.62Details
View5th CPL Men's DistanceDistanceSeedingMar 7, 2018Mar 7, 20197515665.62Details
View5th CPL Men's SprintSprintSeedingMar 7, 2018Mar 7, 20194373169.13Details
View4th CPL Distance ListDistanceSeedingFeb 15, 2018Feb 15, 20197547964.64Details
View4th Period Reg SelectionDistanceAdhocFeb 5, 2018Feb 5, 20197540464.22Details
Races for Skyler May
ViewCWG AB Sprint Qualifier FreeSprintFeb 26, 2019Red DeerFree1.3520:03:16.5471.27
ViewCWG AB Interval Start FreeDistanceFeb 25, 2019Red DeerFree10490:30:17.7068.6
ViewHaywood NorAM CEC Pursuit Day 2 Times OnlyDistanceFeb 3, 2019DuntroonFree7.5290:23:58.2067.65
ViewHaywood NorAM CEC Pursuit Day 1 2019DistanceFeb 2, 2019DuntroonClassic5350:19:27.9865.32
ViewHaywood Eastern'sDistanceFeb 1, 2019Duntroon, ON2.2520:08:21.1069.04