Details for: RaphaŽl Boutroy 42388Club: Red River Nordic Ski ClubMost Recent Season: 2019 / 2020
Points List for RaphaŽl Boutroy
View2020 Final CPL DistanceDistanceSeedingApr 8, 2019Apr 8, 20207471863.72Details
View2020 Final CPL SprintSprintSeedingApr 8, 2019Apr 8, 20204336368.6Details
View5TH CPL Distance ListDistanceSeedingMar 2, 2019Mar 2, 20207529466.26Details
View5TH CPL Sprint ListSprintSeedingMar 2, 2019Mar 2, 20204369269.39Details
View4th CPL Distance ListDistanceSeedingFeb 14, 2019Feb 14, 20207536266.26Details
View4th CPL SprintSprintSeedingFeb 14, 2019Feb 14, 20204363869.39Details
View3rd CPL Di Seeding ListDistanceSeedingJan 21, 2019Jan 21, 20207556863.66Details
View3rd CPL Sprint Seeding ListSprintSeedingJan 21, 2019Jan 21, 20204379668.74Details
View2nd CPL Seeding List Men DiDistanceSeedingDec 26, 2018Dec 26, 20197565362.77Details
View2nd CPL Seeding List Men SpSprintSeedingDec 26, 2018Dec 26, 20194396868.16Details
View1st Cdn Points List DistanceDistanceSeedingNov 22, 2018Nov 22, 20197519662.15Details
View1st Cdn Points List SprintSprintSeedingNov 22, 2018Nov 22, 20194378368.16Details
View6th End of Season CPL DiDistanceSeedingApr 16, 2018Apr 16, 20197496562.15Details
View6th End of Season CPL SprintSprintSeedingApr 16, 2018Apr 16, 20194368968.16Details
View2019-20 NST selection pts listDistanceAdhocJul 1, 2018Apr 18, 2019439164.98Details
View2019-20 NST selection pts listSprintAdhocJul 1, 2018Apr 18, 2019331668.86Details
Viewrising stars ad hoc listDistanceSeedingMar 20, 2018Mar 20, 20197509062.15Details
View5th CPL Men's DistanceDistanceSeedingMar 7, 2018Mar 7, 20197556757.52Details
View4th CPL Distance ListDistanceSeedingFeb 15, 2018Feb 15, 20197584857.52Details
View4th Period Reg SelectionDistanceAdhocFeb 5, 2018Feb 5, 20197570857.52Details
View3rd CPL Dist Seeding ListDistanceSeedingJan 17, 2018Jan 17, 20197583057.52Details
Races for RaphaŽl Boutroy
View02/02/2020 - D√©part de masse / Mass StartDistanceFeb 2, 2020Mont St-Anne Qu√©becClassic7.5660:22:28.8070.1
ViewMSA JR TRIALS- Individuel DistanceFeb 1, 2020Classic10820:36:45.3067.39
ViewWJr U23 Trials SprintSprintJan 30, 2020Mont Saint-AnneFree1.41100:03:30.1769.99
ViewOCup#2 Mass St FreeDistanceJan 5, 2020Lappe Ski CentreFree10170:34:58.0062.94
ViewOCup#2 Int St ClassicDistanceJan 4, 2020Lappe Ski CentreClassic5210:17:26.9066.47
ViewOCup#2 Sprint QualifierSprintJan 3, 2020Lappe Ski Centre1.2410:03:07.1770.02
ViewSunday - Haywood NorAm Interval Start Free - Presented by Trail Sports and LorpenDistanceDec 8, 2019Canmore Nordic CentreFree10250:39:28.4058.59
ViewSaturday - Haywood NorAM YOG Trial Interval Start Classic - Presented by Rocky Mountain Ski LodgeDistanceDec 7, 2019Canmore Nordic CentreClassic101470:43:42.8060.69
View2019 CSC Jr. Mass Start ClassicDistanceMar 20, 2019NakkertokClassic7.5910:25:02.2066.08
View2019 CSC Surgenor Jr. Sprint Qualifier FreeSprintMar 17, 2019NakkertokFree1.11730:02:45.0770.27
View2019 CSC Surge Pursuit FreeDistanceMar 14, 2019NakkertokFree7.52070:24:39.2066.86
View2019 CSC Interval Start ClassicDistanceMar 13, 2019NakkertokClassic103130:36:57.2063.96
ViewLSSD OCup#2 Day 3 Mass St ClassicDistanceJan 6, 2019Lappe Ski CentreClassic7.5110:32:07.2056.52
ViewLSSD OCup#2 Day 2 Int St FreeDistanceJan 5, 2019Lappe Ski CentreFree5100:14:04.5060.12
ViewLSSD OCup#2 Day 1 PrologueDistanceJan 4, 2019Lappe Ski CentreFree3.5200:09:24.4063.1