Details for: Jasmine Drolet 35315Club: Black Jack Cross Country Ski ClubMost Recent Season: 2018 / 2019
Points List for Jasmine Drolet
View2nd CPL Seeding List Women DiDistanceSeedingDec 26, 2018Dec 26, 2019745486.36Details
View2nd CPL Seeding List Women SpSprintSeedingDec 26, 2018Dec 26, 2019474784.59Details
View1st Cdn Points List DistanceDistanceSeedingNov 22, 2018Nov 22, 2019746386.44Details
View1st Cdn Points List SprintSprintSeedingNov 22, 2018Nov 22, 2019489882.7Details
View6th End of Season CPL DiDistanceSeedingApr 16, 2018Apr 16, 2019743186.44Details
View6th End of Season CPL SprintSprintSeedingApr 16, 2018Apr 16, 2019481383.42Details
View2019-20 NST selection pts listDistanceAdhocJul 1, 2018Apr 18, 201941387.16Details
View2019-20 NST selection pts listSprintAdhocJul 1, 2018Apr 18, 201934682.98Details
Viewrising stars ad hoc listDistanceSeedingMar 20, 2018Mar 20, 2019747785.99Details
View5th CPL Women's DistanceDistanceSeedingMar 7, 2018Mar 7, 2019749386.27Details
View5th CPL Women's SprintSprintSeedingMar 7, 2018Mar 7, 2019487683.29Details
View4th CPL Sprint ListSprintSeedingFeb 15, 2018Feb 15, 2019499982.29Details
View4th CPL Distance ListDistanceSeedingFeb 15, 2018Feb 15, 2019756885.22Details
View4th Period Reg SelectionDistanceAdhocFeb 5, 2018Feb 5, 2019762283.94Details
View4th Period Reg SelectionSprintAdhocFeb 5, 2018Feb 5, 2019499181.97Details
View3rd CPL Dist Seeding ListDistanceSeedingJan 17, 2018Jan 17, 2019764883.94Details
View3rd CPL Sprint Seeding ListSprintSeedingJan 17, 2018Jan 17, 20194100381.97Details
View2nd CPL Distance Seeding List RevisedDistanceSeedingDec 21, 2017Dec 21, 2018765883.94Details
View2nd CPL 2018-19 Sprint Seeding List RevisedSprintSeedingDec 21, 2017Dec 21, 2018497281.97Details
View1st Di CPL 2018-19DistanceSeedingNov 22, 2017Nov 22, 2018791881.24Details
View1st Sp CPL 2018-19SprintSeedingNov 22, 2017Nov 22, 20184140178.32Details
ViewCPL 2018 End of SeasonDistanceSeedingApr 9, 2017Apr 9, 2018795280.48Details
ViewCPL 2018 End of SeasonSprintSeedingApr 9, 2017Apr 9, 20184141077.64Details
ViewCPL Dist List #6DistanceSeedingFeb 28, 2017Feb 28, 20187119378.92Details
ViewCPL Sprint List #6SprintSeedingFeb 28, 2017Feb 28, 20184165276.1Details
ViewCPL Dist List #5DistanceSeedingFeb 8, 2017Feb 8, 20187119778.85Details
ViewCPL Sprint List #5 WomenSprintSeedingFeb 8, 2017Feb 8, 20184163876.1Details
ViewCPL v2 Distance ListDistanceSeedingJan 26, 2017Jan 26, 20187125978.46Details
ViewCPL Sprint List #4SprintSeedingJan 26, 2017Jan 26, 20184169976.1Details
View2018 CPL Di Seeding List #3DistanceSeedingDec 23, 2016Dec 23, 20177128278.24Details
View2018 CPL Sp Seeding List #3SprintSeedingDec 22, 2016Dec 22, 20174187774.33Details
View2018 CPL Sp Seeding List #2SprintSeedingNov 23, 2016Nov 23, 20174181974.33Details
View2018 CPL Di Seeding List #2DistanceSeedingNov 23, 2016Nov 23, 20177156975.69Details
ViewNST list April 11DistanceSelectionMay 1, 2016May 1, 201749773.96Details
ViewNST list April 11SprintSelectionMay 1, 2016May 1, 2017317971.65Details
View7th Seeding Points List FinalDistanceSeedingApr 9, 2016Apr 9, 20177153375.69Details
View7th Seeding Points List Final2SprintSeedingApr 9, 2016Apr 9, 20174204070.83Details
View6th Canadian Seeding ListDistanceSeedingMar 10, 2016Mar 10, 20177169974.55Details
View6th Canadian Seeding ListSprintSeedingMar 10, 2016Mar 10, 20174215169.34Details
View5th Seeding CPLDistanceSeedingFeb 16, 2016Feb 16, 20177185673.72Details
View5th Seeding CPLSprintSeedingFeb 16, 2016Feb 16, 20174229266.69Details
View4th Cdn PtsDistanceSeedingJan 27, 2016Jan 27, 20177225471.31Details
View4th Cdn PtsSprintSeedingJan 27, 2016Jan 27, 20174237866.69Details
View3rd CPL SprintSprintSeedingDec 20, 2015Dec 20, 20164236657.5Details
View3rd Cdn CPL WomenDistanceSeedingDec 20, 2015Dec 20, 20167239169.58Details
View2nd CDN Pts 2016-17SprintSeedingNov 24, 2015Nov 24, 20164216057.5Details
View2nd CDN Pts 2016-17DistanceSeedingNov 24, 2015Nov 24, 20167275756.1Details
ViewWomen's 1st Per 2016-17SprintSeedingOct 25, 2015Oct 25, 20164216857.5Details
View2016 Final Seeding ListDistanceSeedingApr 30, 2015Apr 30, 20167268156.1Details
View2016 Final Seeding ListSprintSeedingApr 30, 2015Apr 30, 20164215157.5Details
View5th CPLDistanceSeedingApr 4, 2015Apr 4, 20167260756.1Details
View5th CPLSprintSeedingApr 4, 2015Apr 4, 20164208757.5Details
View4th CPL DistanceDistanceSeedingMar 16, 2015Mar 16, 20167274056.1Details
View4th CPL SprintSprintSeedingMar 16, 2015Mar 16, 20164214257.5Details
View3rd CPL Seeding DistDistanceSeedingFeb 12, 2015Feb 12, 20167294052.29Details
View3rd CPL Seeding SprintSprintSeedingFeb 12, 2015Feb 12, 20164234747.5Details
ViewSTC2016 Ranking YTDSprintSelectionNov 27, 2015Feb 11, 20163191147.99Details
ViewSTC2016 Ranking YTDDistanceSeedingNov 27, 2015Feb 11, 20165232153.02Details
View2nd CPL 2015-16DistanceSeedingDec 22, 2014Dec 22, 20157281749.84Details
Races for Jasmine Drolet
ViewSun Valley Super TourDistanceDec 15, 2019Lake Creek Nordic Center101930:14.084.13
ViewSun Valley Super TourSprintDec 14, 2019Lake Creek Nordic Center1.2164:10.6185.55
ViewSunday - Haywood NorAm Interval Start Free - Presented by Trail Sports and LorpenDistanceDec 8, 2019Canmore Nordic CentreFree7.530:23:57.8085.29
ViewSaturday - Haywood NorAM YOG Trial Interval Start Classic - Presented by Rocky Mountain Ski LodgeDistanceDec 7, 2019Canmore Nordic CentreClassic5190:16:43.9083.89
ViewQualifier - Alta Gas Sprint Youth Olympic Games TrialSprintDec 6, 2019Canmore Nordic CentreFree1.3220:03:21.2387.36
ViewMass Start Classic TechniqueDistanceDec 1, 2019Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreClassic1020:35:42.2088.11
ViewInterval Start Free TechniqueDistanceNov 30, 2019Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreFree570:15:22.3082.91
ViewRising StarsDistanceMar 23, 2019Plaines of Abraham1020:32:46.8087.46
View2019 CSC Jr. Mass Start ClassicDistanceMar 20, 2019NakkertokClassic1010:30:45.9084.3
View2019 CSC Surgenor Jr. Sprint Qualifier FreeSprintMar 17, 2019NakkertokFree1.1140:02:39.6982.36
ViewCWG AB Mass Start ClassicDistanceFeb 28, 2019Red DeerClassic1010:29:31.7088.46
ViewCWG AB Sprint Qualifier FreeSprintFeb 26, 2019Red DeerFree1.3120:03:13.4283.09
ViewCWG AB Interval Start FreeDistanceFeb 25, 2019Red DeerFree7.560:23:10.7085.21
View2019 Western Canadians Mass Start CLDistanceFeb 9, 2019West KelownaClassic1020:33:40.0082.99
View2019 Western Canadians Sprint QualifierSprintFeb 8, 2019West Kelowna1.170:02:48.0079.07
ViewFIS Junior/ U23 World Ski ChampionshipsDistanceJan 24, 2019Lahti153645:36.785.68
ViewFIS Junior/ U23 World Ski ChampionshipsDistanceJan 22, 2019Lahti56715:26.379.5
View2018 Haywood NorAm World Jr/U23 Trials - Mass Start ClassicDistanceDec 16, 2018CanmoreClassic1560:45:33.8085.98
View2018 Haywood NorAm World Jr/U23 Trials - Interval FreeDistanceDec 15, 2018Canmore ABFree590:13:12.4080.15
View2018 Haywood NorAm World Jr/U23 Trials - Sprint QualifierSprintDec 13, 2018Canmore ABClassic1.4270:04:22.6483.51
View2018 Interval Start Classic Technique Haywood NorAm/US Super TourDistanceDec 9, 2018Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreClassic10140:34:03.0086.76
View2018 Sprint Qualifier Free Technique Haywood NorAm/US Super TourSprintDec 8, 2018Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreFree1.2520:03:07.7581.85
View2018 Alberta Cup 2: Interval Start ClassicDistanceNov 25, 2018Canmore Nordic CentreClassic8.540:26:08.4085.54
View2018 Alberta Cup 1: Interval Start FreeDistanceNov 24, 2018Canmore Nordic CentreFree530:13:59.4079.56
ViewFrozen Thunder Distance RaceDistanceOct 30, 2018Canmore Nordic CentreFree7.5120:23:40.0083.31
ViewFrozen Thunder Sprint QualifierSprintOct 29, 2018Canmore Nordic CentreClassic1.5110:04:43.4784.73
View2018 Ski Nationals Day 8 Classic Mass StartDistanceMar 17, 2018Thunder Bay OntarioClassic7.510:23:20.4079.01
View2018 Ski Nationals Day 6 Short Sprints Time TrialSprintMar 15, 2018Thunder Bay OntarioFree1.2390:03:15.5677.8
View2018 Ski Nationals Day 4 Free PursuitDistanceMar 13, 2018Thunder Bay, OntarioFree570:14:29.6074.75
ViewSki Nationals 2018 Day 2 Classic Interval StartDistanceMar 11, 2018Thunder Bay, OntarioClassic5180:16:25.3086.26
View2018 Teck BC Championships - Interval Start CLDistanceFeb 17, 2018Kelowna, BCClassic710:28:16.0078.22
View2018 Teck BC Championships - Mass Start FTDistanceFeb 16, 2018Kelowna, BCFree530:16:54.9077.12
ViewCEC Haywood / FreshAir Classic- Mass StartDistanceFeb 4, 2018Classic510:19:07.5078.17
ViewCEC Haywood / Cyclery Free Technique- Interval StartDistanceFeb 3, 2018Classic7.540:22:55.0078
ViewCEC Haywood Classic PN and Prologue- Interval StartDistanceFeb 2, 2018Classic3100:08:19.2076.03
View2018 Haywood NorAm Westerns Day 2 Mass Start ClassicDistanceJan 20, 2018Red DeerClassic520:16:53.0076.17
View2018 Haywood NorAm Westerns Day 1 Sprint Qualifier FreeSprintJan 19, 2018Red DeerFree800370:02:02.5674.8
View2018 Teck BC Cup #1, CoastCup #3 - Mass Start FTDistanceJan 7, 2018Whistler Olympic Park510:15:10.7777.24
View2018 Teck BC Cup #1, CC #2/3, BCWG Trial Zn 3,4,5- Interval Start CTDistanceJan 6, 2018Whistler Olympic Park510:17:54.4077.03
View2017 Haywood NorAm Mini Tour Stage 1 Interval Start ClassicDistanceDec 15, 2017Rossland, BCClassic580:17:53.6084.86
View2017 Interval Start Free Haywood NorAm/US Super TourDistanceDec 10, 2017Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreFree510:15:27.8076.83
View2017 Mass Start Classic Haywood NorAmDistanceDec 9, 2017Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreClassic540:16:56.1178.84
View2017 Alberta Cup 2: Interval Start ClassicDistanceDec 3, 2017CanmoreClassic510:15:35.5076.6
ViewAB Cup 1DistanceDec 2, 2017Canmore Nordic Centre PP520:14:29.7074.92
ViewFrozen Thunder 2017 Sprint Qualifier ClassicSprintNov 1, 2017Canmore Nordic CentreClassic1.5210:05:02.0582.91
ViewSki Nationals 2017 Day 8: Long Mass FreeDistanceMar 25, 2017Canmore Nordic CentreFree7.530:25:00.4473.77
ViewSki Nationals 2017 Day 6: Short Sprint Classic QualSprintMar 23, 2017Canmore Nordic CentreClassic1.1570:02:46.2673.11
ViewSki Nationals 2017 Day 4: Medium Interval ClassicDistanceMar 21, 2017Canmore Nordic CentreClassic540:15:26.3075.88
ViewSki Nationals 2017 Day 2: Short Interval FreeDistanceMar 19, 2017Canmore Nordic CentreFree550:14:31.0074.47
ViewTeck BC Championships 2017 Intv StartDistanceFeb 18, 2017Stake Lake TrailsFree550:15:49.0469.98
ViewTeck BC Championships 2017 Mass StartDistanceFeb 17, 2017Stake Lake Ski TrailsClassic740:23:31.4076.16
ViewCEC Juv Girls 5DistanceFeb 5, 2017Nakkertok540:17:26.1076.85
ViewCEC Jr B Juv Girls 7.5DistanceFeb 4, 2017NakkertokClassic7.5210:25:42.3076.14
ViewCEC Prologue Jr B Juv Mid FDistanceFeb 3, 2017NakkertokClassic3400:08:34.9071.85
ViewHaywood Westerns 2017 Interval Classic & Teck CC 2DistanceJan 21, 2017WhistlerClassic7.510:24:20.6076.56
ViewHaywood Westerns 2017 Buff Sprint QualifierSprintJan 20, 2017WhistlerFree1470:03:12.1670.19
ViewTeck BC Cup 1 2017 - Interval Start ClassicDistanceJan 8, 2017Salmon ArmClassic550:18:21.4071.82
ViewTeck BC Cup 1 2017 Sprint Qual-Juv-Masters PMSprintJan 7, 2017Salmon ArmFree0.7770:02:08.7471.32
ViewHaywood NorAm Day 3 Mass Start ClassicDistanceDec 18, 2016RosslandClassic6.610:24:42.0062.52
ViewHaywood NorAm Day 2 Interval Start FreeDistanceDec 17, 2016RosslandFree2.840:09:01.8068.27
ViewHaywood NorAm Mini Tour Stage 1 Interval Start FreeDistanceDec 16, 2016RosslandFree590:18:09.2072.5
View2016 Haywood NorAm & USSA SuperTour Interval StartDistanceDec 11, 2016Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreFree2.5130:19:32.8068.01
View2016 Haywood NorAm Mass StartDistanceDec 10, 2016Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreClassic5200:20:02.5070.08
View2016 Alberta Cup 2: Interval Start ClassicDistanceNov 27, 2016CanmoreClassic4.5170:15:34.2070.36
View2016 Alberta Cup 1: Interval Start FreeDistanceNov 26, 2016CanmoreFree4.570:14:20.3068.7
View2016 Teck BC Championships Interval Start , CLDistanceMar 5, 2016WhistlerClassic520:17:25.3054.88
View2016 Teck BC Championships Sprint Qualifier SprintMar 4, 2016Whistler Olympic ParkFree0.460:01:06.2652.55
ViewHaywood NorAM WCC Teck N Cup - Mass Start ClDistanceFeb 21, 2016Otway Nordic CentreClassic540:16:24.9455.45
ViewHaywood NorAM Buff Sprint/Teck Northern Cup ClSprintFeb 20, 2016Otway Nordic CentreClassic0.8280:02:26.9372.71
ViewHaywood NorAm WCC - Interval Start - FTDistanceFeb 19, 2016Otway Nordic CentreFree3.75180:11:27.7069.13
View 2016 Teck BC Cup #2 - Mass StartDistanceFeb 7, 2016Stake LakeClassic3.530:12:56.6054.28
View 2016 Teck BC Cup #2 - Ind StartDistanceFeb 6, 2016Stake LakeFree3.520:11:14.4054.74
View2016 Teck BC Cup #1 Interval Start Free TechniqueDistanceJan 10, 2016Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreFree3.7530:12:13.1352.15
View2016 Teck BC Cup #1 Sprint QualifierSprintJan 9, 2016Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreClassic0.4140:01:51.2448.97
ViewHaywood NorAm Int Dist FT, SLNCDistanceDec 13, 2015Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreFree2.520:09:28.6051.82
View2016 Haywood NorAm, AB Cup 2DistanceDec 6, 2015Canmore Nordic CentreFree440:18:49.5952.08
View2016 Haywood NorAm, AB Cup 1DistanceDec 5, 2015Canmore Nordic CentreClassic2.560:09:08.4051.85