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List:Period 4 Men's Distance
Start:Mar 10, 2007
End:Mar 10, 2008
Races to Count:7
View RaceFIS World Cup<Dec 15, 2007Rybinsk<World Cup30Distance111:11:10.299.88
View RaceFIS World Cup<Feb 23, 2008Falun<World Cup30Distance111:12:04.799.76
View RaceSvenska Skidspelen<Mar 24, 2007Falun<World Cup30Distance51:31:31.999.75
View Race49th World Military Skiing Championships<Mar 21, 2007Haanja<International Military Sports Council15Distance138:02.099.28
View Race15km<Jan 25, 2008Canmore, AB<World Cup15FreeDistance40:36:25.7099.22
View RaceFIS World Cup<Mar 8, 2008Oslo<World Cup50Distance42:14:46.998.69
View RaceFIS Weltcup<Dec 8, 2007Davos<World Cup15.0Distance1239:23.898.49
View RaceFIS World Cup<Nov 24, 2007Beitostoelen<World Cup15Distance1137:15.298.17
View RaceFIS World Cup<Feb 16, 2008Liberec<World Cup11.4Distance828:45.397.8
View RaceWC Lahti Ski Games<Mar 11, 2007Lahti<World Cup15Distance1041:09.297.39
View RacePursuit<Jan 22, 2008Canmore, AB<World Cup30PursuitDistance271:18:44.7097.23
View RaceChallenge Rollerskitour<Aug 16, 2007Grand Bornand<Roller Skiing7Distance521:32.396.43
View RaceFIS Nordic World Cup Opening<Dec 2, 2007Kuusamo<World Cup15Distance3238:56.796.12
View RaceFIS World Cup<Feb 9, 2008Otepaa<World Cup15Distance1041:14.496.03
View RaceFIS Tour de Ski - FIS World Cup<Dec 28, 2007Nove Mesto<Tour de Ski4.5Distance4811:54.794.6
View RaceFIS Tour de Ski - FIS World Cup<Dec 29, 2007Nove Mesto<Tour de Ski15Distance6237:15.193.45