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List:5TH CPL Distance List
Start:Mar 2, 2019
End:Mar 2, 2020
Races to Count:7
View RacePoursuiteFeb 9, 2020SherbrookeFIS Race15FreeDistance200:41:32.5083.32
View RaceO CUP 3Jan 19, 2020North Bay, ONRegional Race10FreeDistance60:31:40.1082.65
View RaceCLASSIC interval startFeb 8, 2020SherbrookFIS Race10ClassicDistance390:33:29.2081.03
View RaceOntario Cup #3 - Day 2 only resultsJan 19, 2020North Bay ONRegional Race10FreeDistance121:02:49.1080.14
View RaceOntario Cup #3Jan 18, 2020North Bay ONRegional Race10FreeDistance130:31:09.4077.59
View RaceInterval Start - ClassicDec 15, 2019NakkertokRegional Race7.5ClassicDistance170:22:08.9076.4
View RaceOCup#2 Int St ClassicJan 4, 2020Lappe Ski CentreRegional Race5ClassicDistance10:15:11.4076.36
View RaceOCup#2 Mass St FreeJan 5, 2020Lappe Ski CentreRegional Race10FreeDistance10:29:05.9075.63
View Race2019 CSC Jr. Mass Start ClassicMar 20, 2019NakkertokNational Junior Championships15ClassicDistance690:46:18.8075.14
View RaceInterval Start - Free NakkertokDec 14, 2019Regional Race7.5FreeDistance160:21:42.3074.9