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List:2020 Final CPL Distance
Start:Apr 8, 2019
End:Apr 8, 2020
Races to Count:7
View RacePoursuiteFeb 9, 2020SherbrookeRegional Race7.5FreeDistance260:26:00.4069
View RaceInterval Start - Free NakkertokDec 14, 2019Regional Race5FreeDistance680:18:00.9065.88
View Race2020 OWG Day 2 DistanceFeb 28, 2020Hardwood Ski & BikeRegional Race4ClassicDistance240:16:49.7365.63
View RaceSPRINT FREESTYLE QUALIFICATIONSFeb 7, 2020Bishop'sRegional Race3FreeDistance400:09:09.7264.82
View RaceU16 | U18 F 5km - Interval Start ClassicDec 15, 2019NakkertokRegional Race5ClassicDistance760:18:24.2064.68
View RaceOntario Cup #3 - Day 2 only resultsJan 19, 2020North Bay ONRegional Race5FreeDistance150:48:43.4062.55
View RaceO CUP 3Jan 19, 2020North Bay, ONRegional Race5Distance140:20:51.4062.28
View RaceCLASSIC interval startFeb 8, 2020SherbrookRegional Race5ClassicDistance500:22:05.4061.8
View RaceOntario Cup #3Jan 18, 2020North Bay ONRegional Race6.5FreeDistance170:27:52.9059.72