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List:1st Di CPL 2018-19
Start:Nov 22, 2017
End:Nov 22, 2018
Races to Count:7
View RaceCoupe Skinouk 2018Mar 3, 2018Parc de la Gatineau - P5Regional Race5FreeDistance230:19:11.3059.1
View RaceCEC Haywood Classic PN and Prologue- Interval StartFeb 2, 2018Regional Race3ClassicDistance1780:11:28.4055.13
View Race2018 Ontario Youth ChampionshipsFeb 18, 2018North Bay, ONRegional Race4.7FreeDistance190:16:52.0050.5
View RaceCEC Haywood / FreshAir Classic- Mass StartFeb 4, 2018Regional Race6ClassicDistance350:25:20.1048.33
View RaceCEC Haywood / Cyclery Free Technique- Interval StartFeb 3, 2018Regional Race5ClassicDistance400:19:32.1045.79
View Race2018 Ontario Youth ChampionshipsFeb 17, 2018North Bay, ONRegional Race4.5ClassicDistance260:19:01.7044.74
View Race2017 Nakkertok Candy Cane Cup - Sunday Interval StartDec 17, 2017Nakkertok - Cantley, QCRegional Race3.4FreeDistance130:17:22.4040.26