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List:3rd CPL Dist Seeding List
Start:Jan 17, 2018
End:Jan 17, 2019
Races to Count:7
View RaceInterval Start - 2018 OCup #1 - NakkertokDec 16, 2018Cantley, QuebecRegional Race5ClassicDistance310:19:23.3059.86
View RaceCoupe Skinouk 2018Mar 3, 2018Parc de la Gatineau - P5Regional Race5FreeDistance240:19:28.3058.24
View RaceCEC Haywood Classic PN and Prologue- Interval StartFeb 2, 2018Regional Race3ClassicDistance1740:10:57.4057.73
View Race2018 Ontario Youth ChampionshipsFeb 18, 2018North Bay, ONRegional Race4.7FreeDistance150:15:56.1053.45
View RaceCEC Haywood / FreshAir Classic- Mass StartFeb 4, 2018Regional Race6ClassicDistance400:25:38.1047.76
View RaceCEC Haywood / Cyclery Free Technique- Interval StartFeb 3, 2018Regional Race5ClassicDistance380:19:07.6046.77
View Race2018 Ontario Youth ChampionshipsFeb 17, 2018North Bay, ONRegional Race4.5ClassicDistance250:18:57.3044.92