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List:4th CPL Distance List
Start:Feb 15, 2018
End:Feb 15, 2019
Races to Count:7
View RaceSki Nationals 2018 Day 2 Classic Interval StartMar 11, 2018Thunder Bay, OntarioCanadian Championship5ClassicDistance1970:21:24.1066.19
View RaceAB Cup #4 - Interval StartJan 20, 2019Canmore, ABRegional Race3fDistance180:16:15.5063.55
View Race2018 Ski Nationals Day 4 Free PursuitMar 13, 2018Thunder Bay, OntarioCanadian Championship5FreeDistance610:17:37.9061.45
View Race2018 Ski Nationals Day 8 Classic Mass StartMar 17, 2018Thunder Bay OntarioCanadian Championship7.5ClassicDistance620:30:31.6060.41
View RaceSask Cup 1Dec 8, 2018La RongeRegional Race8Distance10:36:35.1058.98
View Race2018 Haywood NorAm World Jr/U23 Trials - Mass Start ClassicDec 16, 2018CanmoreRegional Race6ClassicDistance280:23:33.0057
View RaceSask Cup 2Dec 9, 2018La Ronge, SkRegional Race5Distance10:19:31.0056.41
View RaceSask Cup 1Dec 8, 2018La RongeRegional Race8Distance10:38:33.1055.97
View Race2018 Haywood NorAm World Jr/U23 Trials - Interval FreeDec 15, 2018Canmore ABRegional Race2.5FreeDistance170:08:03.1049.51
View Race2019 Western Canadians Mass Start CLFeb 9, 2019West KelownaRegional Race5ClassicDistance250:20:11.5046.12