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List:rising stars ad hoc list
Start:Mar 20, 2018
End:Mar 20, 2019
Races to Count:7
View RaceMontana State University InvitationalJan 19, 2019Crosscut Mountain Sports CenterFIS Race15Distance1054:49.587.52
View RaceMontana State University InvitationalJan 18, 2019Crosscut Mountain Sports CenterFIS Race5Distance1016:58.787.27
View RaceC.U. InvitationalJan 12, 2019Steamboat Ski and Resort / Howelsen HillFIS Race5Distance1415:44.785.96
View RaceC.U. InvitationalJan 13, 2019Steamboat Ski and Resort / Howelsen HillFIS Race10Distance1835:56.985.78
View Race2019 Cross Country Ski National ChampionshipsJan 3, 2019Craftsbury Outdoor CenterNational Championships10Distance5034:58.784.33
View RaceUAA Collegiate InvitesFeb 20, 2019Government PeakFIS Race5Distance1916:18.784.25
View RaceConocoPhillips Besh Cup 1,2Dec 16, 2018Kincaid ParkFIS Race10Distance716:04.483.64
View RaceConocoPhillips Besh Cup 1,2Dec 15, 2018Kincaid ParkFIS Race10Distance736:20.483.58
View RaceUAA Collegiate InvitesFeb 17, 2019Kincaid Park, AlaskaFIS Race10Distance2033:45.982.86
View RaceUAA Collegiate InvitesFeb 22, 2019Kincaid Park, AlaskaFIS Race15Distance2249:54.082.16
View Race2019 Cross Country Ski National ChampionshipsJan 6, 2019Craftsbury Outdoor CenterJuniors7.5Distance2622:31.978.55