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List:6th End of Season CPL Di
Start:Apr 16, 2018
End:Apr 16, 2019
Races to Count:7
View Race2019 Ontario Youth ChampionshipFeb 23, 2019North Bay ONRegional Race4.7FreeDistance80:16:08.2056.94
View Race2019 Ontario Youth ChampionshipFeb 24, 2019North Bay ONRegional Race3ClassicDistance90:12:52.8052.72
View RaceHaywood NorAM CEC Pursuit Day 2 Times OnlyFeb 3, 2019DuntroonRegional Race3.5FreeDistance100:14:53.1050.67
View RaceHaywood NorAM CEC Pursuit Day 1 2019Feb 2, 2019DuntroonRegional Race3.5ClassicDistance120:16:37.7146.97
View RaceLSSD OCup#2 Day 2 Int St FreeJan 5, 2019Lappe Ski CentreRegional Race3.5FreeDistance50:13:13.7039.38
View RaceLSSD OCup#2 Day 1 PrologueJan 4, 2019Lappe Ski CentreRegional Race3.5FreeDistance50:11:23.4039.09