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List:6th End of Season CPL Di
Start:Apr 16, 2018
End:Apr 16, 2019
Races to Count:7
View RaceFIS Far East Cup Sapporo TOYOTA Cup All Japan Cross-Country Ski Race 2019Jan 8, 2019SapporoFar East Cup15Distance2942:58.488.39
View RaceFIS Far East Cup The 37th Ito Cup All Japan Champion Ski RaceJan 6, 2019SapporoFar East Cup10Distance3431:16.287.57
View RaceFIS Far East Cup The 36th OTOINEPPU CUPDec 26, 2018OtoineppuFar East Cup10Distance3834:21.986.43
View RaceFIS Far East Cup The 36th OTOINEPPU CUPDec 27, 2018OtoineppuFar East Cup10Distance6433:29.884.59
View RaceThe 97th All Japan Ski Championship Cross-CountryJan 30, 2019HakubaNational Championships10Distance7232:32.383.6
View RaceOloksen TykkikisatNov 11, 2018OlosFIS Race15Distance8100:34:12.082.98
View RaceSantasport-race RovaniemiNov 15, 2018OunasvaaraFIS Race15Distance4142:03.981.44