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List:ranking list FISU 2021 2 sprint
Start:Apr 15, 2019
End:Apr 15, 2020
Races to Count:2
View RaceQualifier - Alta Gas Sprint Youth Olympic Games TrialDec 6, 2019Canmore Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup1.3FreeSprint630:03:36.8281.08
View Race2020 Teck BC Cup #1 Sprint QualifierJan 4, 2020Salmon Arm, BCRegional Race0.8Sprint90:02:07.0978.96
View Race2020 Haywood Western Canada Cup - Alta Gas Sprint QualifierJan 17, 2020Whistler, BCRegional Race1FreeSprint130:03:07.0973.79
View RaceBeswick Hildebrandt Lund CPA Sprint QualifierFeb 1, 2020Caledonia Nordic Ski ClubRegional Race1.2FreeSprint70:03:25.3473.44