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List:5th Seeding CPL
Start:Feb 16, 2016
End:Feb 16, 2017
Races to Count:4
View RaceHaywood NorAM Buff Sprint/Teck Northern Cup ClFeb 20, 2016Otway Nordic CentreRegional Race1.1ClassicSprint10:03:04.7060.43
View RaceTeck BC Cup 2 - PwC Sprint Qualifier - FTFeb 4, 2017Otway Nordic CentreRegional Race0.4FreeSprint10:01:07.8855.14
View RaceHaywood Westerns 2017 Buff Sprint QualifierJan 20, 2017WhistlerRegional Race0.75FreeSprint10:01:39.4355.08
View RaceTeck BC Cup 1 2017 Sprint Qual.- Atom-Midget AMJan 7, 2017Salmon ArmRegional Race0.35FreeSprint10:00:44.2153.46
View Race2016 Teck BC Championships Sprint Qualifier Mar 4, 2016Whistler Olympic ParkRegional Race0.4FreeSprint50:01:01.2552.68