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List:4th Cdn Pts
Start:Jan 27, 2016
End:Jan 27, 2017
Races to Count:7
View RaceEasternCup OpenerDec 18, 2016Craftsbury Outdoor CenterFIS Race5Distance1330:51.782.56
View RaceGatineau LoppetFeb 27, 2016Wakefield - GatineauFIS Race51Distance33:07:24.6080.84
View RaceCEC 2016 Haywood NORAM/Fresh Air Long DistanceFeb 7, 2016Nakkertok South Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup15ClassicDistance220:52:13.2580.67
View Race2016 Haywood NorAm & USSA SuperTour Interval StartDec 11, 2016Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup10FreeDistance410:36:06.3080.34
View RaceCEC 2016 Haywood NORAM/Cyclery Short Dist/CourteFeb 6, 2016Nakkertok South Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup10FreeDistance210:30:27.8080.24
View RaceEasternCup OpenerDec 17, 2016Craftsbury Outdoor CenterFIS Race5Distance2020:10.280.04
View Race2016 Haywood Ski Nats Day 4 F IntMar 22, 2016Whitehorse Nordic Centre, YukonCanadian Championship10FreeDistance360:30:14.1079.67
View Race2016 OUA Nordic Ski ChampionshipsFeb 19, 2016NakkertokRegional Race7.5FreeDistance20:22:41.5078.32
View Race2016 OUA Nordic Ski ChampionshipsFeb 21, 2016NakkertokRegional Race10ClassicDistance50:36:07.5077.21
View Race2016 Haywood Ski Nats Day 8 Cl MassMar 26, 2016Whitehorse Nordic Centre, YukonCanadian Championship30ClassicDistance122:06:46.1776.25
View Race2016 Haywood Ski Nats Day 2 Cl IntMar 20, 2016Whitehorse Nordic Centre, YukonCanadian Championship5ClassicDistance590:18:35.4073.46