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List:5th Seeding CPL
Start:Feb 16, 2016
End:Feb 16, 2017
Races to Count:7
View RaceThe 94th All Japan Ski ChampionshipsMar 15, 2016SapporoNational Championships20Distance2151:27.590.85
View RaceFIS Far East Cup Sapporo Toyota Cup all Japan Cross-Country Race 2017Jan 8, 2017SapporoFar East Cup15Distance3139:27.890.19
View RaceStatoil NC seniorNov 27, 2016GaalaaFIS Race15Distance880:44:38.089.11
View RaceFIS Far East Cup The 35th Ito Cup All Japan Champion Ski RacesJan 6, 2017Sapporo shirahatayamaFar East Cup10Distance3629:11.488.93
View RaceThe 94th All Japan Ski ChampionshipsMar 18, 2016SapporoNational Championships50Distance232:32:41.088.14
View RaceFIS FAR EAST CUP The34th OTOINEPPU CUPDec 27, 2016OtoineppuFar East Cup10Distance3533:11.187.73
View RaceFIS Junior/U23 World Ski ChampionshipsFeb 25, 2016RasnovWorld Junior Championships15Distance4434:17.987.06
View RaceBruksvallsloppetNov 18, 2016BruksvallarnaFIS Race10Distance12500:28:30.486.94
View RaceBruksvallsloppetNov 19, 2016BruksvallarnaFIS Race15Distance8900:45:59.286.85
View RaceFIS FAR EAST CUP The34th OTOINEPPU CUPDec 26, 2016OtoineppuFar East Cup10Distance5237:47.786.46
View RaceFIS Junior/U23 World Ski ChampionshipsFeb 23, 2016RasnovWorld Junior Championships10Distance5532:16.783.35