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List:4th CPL Distance
Start:Mar 16, 2015
End:Mar 16, 2016
Races to Count:7
View RaceFIS Balkan CupFeb 28, 2016Ravna GoraBalkan Cup15Distance1141:29.385.32
View RaceFIS CC Gerede CupJan 22, 2016Bolu/GeredeFIS Race10Distance1028:54.184.35
View RaceFIS Balkan CupFeb 27, 2016Ravna GoraBalkan Cup10Distance1727:29.282.06
View RaceFIS race Pale 2016Jan 30, 2016Dvorista - PaleFIS Race10Distance326:05.481.77
View RaceFIS race Pale 2016Jan 31, 2016Dvorista - PaleFIS Race10Distance527:01.880.55
View RaceOPA COC Planica 2016Jan 10, 2016PlanicaJuniors10Distance5826:08.080.14
View RaceFIS CC Balkan CupJan 20, 2016Bolu/GeredeBalkan Cup10Distance2528:39.779.67
View Race2nd Winter Youth Olympic GamesFeb 18, 2016LillehammerYouth Olympic Games10Distance3526:48.278.49
View RaceFIS OPA St. UlrichDec 19, 2015HochfilzenJuniors10Distance2730:22.277.44
View RaceFIS Race SeefeldDec 6, 2015SeefeldFIS Race10Distance15029:04.275.91
View RaceFIS OPA FinalMar 11, 2016Toblach/DobbiacoJuniors3.3Distance629:18.775.04
View RaceFIS CC Balkan CupJan 19, 2016Bolu/GeredeBalkan Cup5Distance2718:44.771.41