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List:CPL 5th Period Updated
Start:Mar 9, 2014
End:Mar 9, 2015
Races to Count:7
View Race2015 Teck BC Cup#2 - Mass Start Free TechniqueJan 25, 2015Macpherson Nordic TrailsRegional Race8FreeDistance160:19:19.8078.15
View Race2015 Teck BC Championships - Interval Start FTFeb 21, 2015West Kelowa, BCRegional Race10FreeDistance310:29:11.3074.6
View RaceSovereign Lake OpenDec 6, 2014Sovereign Lake Nordic CenterRegional Race5FreeDistance150:16:08.2073.48
View RaceSovereign Lake OpenDec 7, 2014Sovereign Lake, B. C.Regional Race5ClassicDistance150:17:56.0069.02
View Race2015 Western Canadians Haywood NorAm - Int Class 2Jan 16, 2015CanmoreRegional Race5ClassicDistance540:17:45.6068.82
View Race2015 Teck BC Championships - Mass Start CLFeb 20, 2015West Kelowa, BCRegional Race7ClassicDistance80:23:59.5068.52
View Race2015 Teck BC Cup#2 - Classic Interval Start Jan 24, 2015Macpherson Nordic TrailsRegional Race5ClassicDistance60:14:30.9067.77
View RaceMass Free - 2015 Western Canadians Haywood NorAmJan 18, 2015CanmoreRegional Race6.6FreeDistance140:21:10.5365.23
View RaceTeck BC Cup#1RHB Schmitz De Grace - Interval StartJan 4, 2015Otway Nordic CentreRegional Race7.5FreeDistance90:21:56.3564.1
View RaceHaywood NorAm Int St Cl 2Dec 14, 2014Biathlon Trails, Rossland, BCRegional Race7.5ClassicDistance60:22:50.1063.88
View Race 2014 Haywood NorAm Interval Free TrialsDec 20, 2014Sovereign Lake, B.CRegional Race5FreeDistance60:17:10.5063.26
View RaceHaywood NorAm Int St Cl 1Dec 13, 2014Biathlon Trails, Rossland, BCRegional Race3.75ClassicDistance70:12:13.6058.24