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List:5th Seeding CPL
Start:Feb 16, 2016
End:Feb 16, 2017
Races to Count:7
View Race2016 Haywood Ski Nats Day 4 F IntMar 22, 2016Whitehorse Nordic Centre, YukonCanadian Championship7.5FreeDistance340:19:38.3079.83
View RaceCEC Jr B Boys 10Feb 5, 2017NakkertokRegional Race10Distance230:30:24.4079.13
View Race2016 Ontario Cup #3 Mass Start FreeMar 6, 2016Township of ColemanRegional Race15FreeDistance110:42:50.7078.76
View Race2016 Haywood Ski Nats Day 2 Cl IntMar 20, 2016Whitehorse Nordic Centre, YukonCanadian Championship10ClassicDistance1230:31:11.1078.68
View RaceOntario Cup #2-2017 Day 2 OnlyJan 15, 2017Highlands Nordic, DuntroonRegional Race10FreeDistance150:29:22.1078.14
View RaceOntario Cup #1 Mass Start Free TechniqueDec 30, 2016Lappe Nordic Ski CentreRegional Race10FreeDistance160:28:28.9077.98
View RaceCEC Prologue Jr B Juv Midget M 3Feb 3, 2017NakkertokRegional Race3ClassicDistance300:07:10.8077.96
View Race2016 O Cup #3 Interval Start FreeMar 4, 2016Township of ColemanRegional Race10FreeDistance120:27:39.4077.77
View Race2016 Haywood Ski Nats Day 8 Cl MassMar 26, 2016Whitehorse Nordic Centre, YukonCanadian Championship15ClassicDistance410:57:29.1777.49
View RaceCEC Jr B Juv Boys 7.5Feb 4, 2017NakkertokRegional Race5ClassicDistance380:22:12.9077.49
View RaceOntario Cup #1 Interval Start ClassicDec 29, 2016Lappe Nordic Ski CentreRegional Race7.5ClassicDistance230:25:00.1077.09
View RaceOntario Cup #2-2017 Interval StartJan 14, 2017Highlands Nordic, DuntroonRegional Race7.5ClassicDistance220:26:21.5973.48