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List:4th Period Reg Selection
Start:Feb 5, 2018
End:Feb 5, 2019
Races to Count:7
View Race2018 Ski Nationals Day 4 Free PursuitMar 13, 2018Thunder Bay, OntarioCanadian Championship15FreeDistance280:38:37.6089.85
View RaceLake Placid Supertour and Eastern Cup at Mt. Van HoevenbergJan 27, 2019Mt. Van Hoevenerg at the Olympic SportsUS Ski Tour15Distance1750:24.789.57
View RaceHaywood NorAM CEC Pursuit Day 1 2019Feb 2, 2019DuntroonNor-Am Cup10ClassicDistance150:31:47.9288.75
View RaceHaywood NorAM CEC Pursuit Day 2 Times OnlyFeb 3, 2019DuntroonNor-Am Cup15FreeDistance90:40:04.1088.44
View Race2018 Alberta Cup 2: Interval Start ClassicNov 25, 2018Canmore Nordic CentreRegional Race11ClassicDistance160:29:25.8087.84
View Race2018 Haywood NorAm World Jr/U23 Trials - Mass Start ClassicDec 16, 2018CanmoreNor-Am Cup30ClassicDistance191:23:52.1087.79
View RaceLSSD OCup#2 Day 3 Mass St ClassicJan 6, 2019Lappe Ski CentreRegional Race15ClassicDistance20:44:56.9087.09
View RaceFeb 24, 2018OberstdorfNational Championships15Distance2900:41:19.287.03
View RaceSki Nationals 2018 Day 2 Classic Interval StartMar 11, 2018Thunder Bay, OntarioCanadian Championship10ClassicDistance380:28:35.2086.95
View RaceNORAM Bishop's -Subaru- ALTAGAS ClassicJan 19, 2019LennoxvilleNor-Am Cup15ClassicDistance260:40:20.0086.4
View Race2018 Ski Nationals Day 8 Classic Mass StartMar 17, 2018Thunder Bay OntarioCanadian Championship30ClassicDistance131:25:03.2086.21
View RaceLSSD OCup#2 Day 2 Int St FreeJan 5, 2019Lappe Ski CentreRegional Race10FreeDistance30:24:54.9085.89
View Race2018 Alberta Cup 1: Interval Start FreeNov 24, 2018Canmore Nordic CentreRegional Race10FreeDistance170:21:45.8085.74
View RaceLake Placid Supertour and Eastern Cup at Mt. Van HoevenbergJan 25, 2019Mt. Van Hoevenerg at the Olympic SportsUS Ski Tour10Distance2229:14.385.41
View RaceOPA ContinentalcupFeb 18, 2018ZwieselJuniors15Distance3938:15.383.97
View Race2018 Haywood NorAm World Jr/U23 Trials - Interval FreeDec 15, 2018Canmore ABJuniors10FreeDistance140:25:19.5083.93
View RaceOPA ContinentalcupFeb 17, 2018ZwieselJuniors10Distance4824:57.382.15
View RaceNORAM Bishop's -Subaru- ALTAGAS SkateJan 20, 2019LennoxvilleNor-Am Cup20FreeDistance281:07:01.2081.2
View RaceSwiss CupFeb 11, 2018KlostersJuniors10Distance3031:42.977.7