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List:5th CPL Women's Sprint
Start:Mar 7, 2018
End:Mar 7, 2019
Races to Count:4
View RaceLake Placid Supertour and Eastern Cup at Mt. Van HoevenbergJan 26, 2019Mt. Van Hoevenerg at the Olympic SportsUS Ski Tour1.5Sprint2804:16.7785.3
View RaceCWG AB Sprint Qualifier FreeFeb 26, 2019Red DeerFIS Race1.3FreeSprint140:03:14.2182.75
View RaceHaywood NorAm CEC Cl AltaGas Sprints 2019Feb 1, 2019DuntroonNor-Am Cup1.5ClassicSprint140:04:18.4681.02
View Race2018 Ski Nationals Day 5 Long Sprints Time TrialMar 14, 2018Thunder Bay, OntarioCanadian Championship1.3FreeSprint400:03:46.3180.34
View RaceSprint Qualifier - 2018 O'Cup #1 - NakkertokDec 15, 2018Regional Race1.3FreeSprint10:03:17.2179.96