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List:Per 4 CPL Distance WomV2
Start:Mar 11, 2013
End:Mar 11, 2014
Races to Count:7
View Race2014 Teck BC Championship Interval Start CLMar 1, 2014West Kelowna, BCRegional Race7ClassicDistance190:28:21.6075.56
View Race2014 Haywood NorAm WCC - Mass Start - FTFeb 16, 2014Otway Nordic CentreRegional Race7.5FreeDistance90:25:38.4774.5
View Race2014 Teck BC Championship Mass Start FTFeb 28, 2014West Kelowna, BCRegional Race5FreeDistance60:16:47.9071.73
View Race2013 Haywood Ski Nationals Interval Start-Free Mar 24, 2013Whistler Olympic ParkCanadian Championship5FreeDistance1880:15:45.9069.64
View Race2013 Haywood Ski Nats - Mass Start - Free Tech.Mar 30, 2013Whistler Olympic ParkCanadian Championship7.5FreeDistance1090:26:20.9068.8
View Race2014 Haywood NorAm WCC - Interval Start - CTFeb 13, 2014Otway Nordic CentreRegional Race5ClassicDistance170:21:10.3068.54
View Race 2014 Teck BC Cup #2 Mass StartJan 26, 2014Stake Lake Ski TrailsRegional Race5ClassicDistance90:19:52.1067.38
View Race2013 Haywood Ski Nationals Interval Start-ClassicMar 26, 2013Callaghan Valley Cross CountryCanadian Championship5ClassicDistance510:18:53.5066.4
View RaceHaywood NA Buff Sp & Jr Int Start ResultsDec 8, 2013Vernon BCRegional Race5ClassicDistance350:18:28.1766.33
View RaceTeck BC Cup#1 - Interval Start - ClassicJan 5, 2014Otway Nordic CentreRegional Race5ClassicDistance50:18:46.8065.82
View Race 2014 Teck BC Cup #2 Indv StartJan 25, 2014Stake LakeRegional Race5FreeDistance130:17:49.8065.26
View RaceTeck Kootenay Cup #2 - Interval Start ClDec 15, 2013Rossland, BCRegional Race7.5ClassicDistance100:30:05.2062.02