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List:4th CPL Distance List
Start:Feb 15, 2018
End:Feb 15, 2019
Races to Count:7
View RaceAmerican BirkebeinerFeb 24, 2018Cable-HaywardWorld Loppet Cup50Distance1302:02:46.298.5
View RaceU.S. Ski and Snowboard SuperTour Finals and Long Distance National ChampionshipsMar 28, 2018Craftsbury Outdoor CenterNational Championships50Distance202:24:52.997.66
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupDec 2, 2018LillehammerStage World Cup15Distance3744:20.396.95
View RaceLake Placid Supertour and Eastern Cup at Mt. Van HoevenbergJan 27, 2019Mt. Van Hoevenerg at the Olympic SportsUS Ski Tour15Distance246:55.096.25
View RaceThe Merino musterSep 1, 2018Snow FarmWorld Loppet42Distance21:39:49.096.06
View Race2019 Cross Country Ski National ChampionshipsJan 3, 2019Craftsbury Outdoor CenterNational Championships15Distance242:12.895.72
View RaceSep 6, 2018Snow FarmAustralia/New Zealand Cup15Distance240:11.095.45
View RaceU.S. Ski and Snowboard SuperTour Finals and Long Distance National ChampionshipsMar 24, 2018Craftsbury Outdoor CenterUS Ski Tour15Distance936:04.395.17
View Race2019 Cross Country Ski National ChampionshipsJan 6, 2019Craftsbury Outdoor CenterNational Championships30Distance51:19:42.395.15
View RaceNENSA Eastern Cup Opener at the Craftsbury Outdoor CenterDec 23, 2018Craftsbury Outdoor CenterFIS Race10Distance423:47.095.02
View RaceAl Quaal Supertour/CCSA Regional ChampionshipsFeb 17, 2018Al Quaal Recreation AreaUS Ski Tour20Distance650:09.094.86
View RaceOPA GAMES / OPA ContinentalcupMar 3, 2018CogneOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance1441:23.994.5
View RaceLake Placid Supertour and Eastern Cup at Mt. Van HoevenbergJan 25, 2019Mt. Van Hoevenerg at the Olympic SportsUS Ski Tour10Distance426:35.393.92
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupDec 16, 2018DavosWorld Cup15Distance6738:13.093.89
View RaceSep 4, 2018Snow FarmAustralia/New Zealand Cup10Distance428:32.193.59
View RaceAl Quaal Supertour/CCSA Regional ChampionshipsFeb 18, 2018Al Quaal Recreation AreaUS Ski Tour10Distance425:17.393.55
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupNov 25, 2018RukaWorld Cup15Distance5339:00.593.47
View RaceOPA Continentalcup FinalsMar 17, 2018Baqueira BeretOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance1639:37.993.32
View RaceOPA Continentalcup FinalsMar 18, 2018Baqueira BeretOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance1943:47.792.97
View RaceSantasport-race RovaniemiNov 15, 2018OunasvaaraFIS Race15Distance2537:06.892.3
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupDec 8, 2018BeitostolenWorld Cup30Distance591:16:08.392.18
View RaceOPA GAMES / OPA ContinentalcupMar 4, 2018CogneOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance3038:03.191.38
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupDec 1, 2018LillehammerStage World Cup15Distance7540:39.090.08