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List:Per 4 CPL Distance WomV2
Start:Mar 11, 2013
End:Mar 11, 2014
Races to Count:7
View Race2014 LSSD OCup3 Int St Classic - combinedFeb 16, 2014Lappe Ski CentreRegional Race7.5ClassicDistance120:26:48.5078.23
View Race2013 Haywood Ski Nats - Mass Start - Free Tech.Mar 30, 2013Whistler Olympic ParkCanadian Championship7.5FreeDistance580:23:40.2076.58
View Race2013 Haywood Ski Nationals Interval Start-Free Mar 24, 2013Whistler Olympic ParkCanadian Championship5FreeDistance960:14:29.3075.77
View RaceCEC 2014 Haywood NORAM/Buff-Qualifier & PrologueJan 31, 2014Nakkertok South Nordic CentreRegional Race3FreeDistance180:07:32.3174.7
View RaceCEC 2014 Haywood NORAM/Cyclery Medium DistanceFeb 1, 2014Nakkertok South Nordic CentreRegional Race5FreeDistance290:15:57.9073.22
View RaceOntCup#1-2013 Dec-Sun Cl,IntervalDec 29, 2013Highlands Nordic, DuntroonRegional Race5ClassicDistance90:21:09.0073.05
View RaceCEC 2014 Haywood NORAM/Fresh Air Long DistanceFeb 2, 2014Nakkertok South Nordic CentreRegional Race10ClassicDistance180:41:06.7072.63
View RaceOntCup #1 - 2013 Dec - Mass Start, FreeDec 30, 2013Highlands Nordic, DuntroonRegional Race10FreeDistance120:37:27.5071.38
View Race2013 Haywood Ski Nationals Interval Start-ClassicMar 26, 2013Callaghan Valley Cross CountryCanadian Championship5ClassicDistance240:17:34.6071.37
View Race2014 LSSD OCup3 Free Technique PursuitFeb 17, 2014Lappe Ski CentreRegional Race10FreeDistance200:42:28.8070.52