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List:2020 Final CPL Distance
Start:Apr 8, 2019
End:Apr 8, 2020
Races to Count:7
View RaceInterval Start - ClassicDec 15, 2019NakkertokNor-Am Cup10ClassicDistance30:30:21.9089.17
View Race02/02/2020 - Départ de masse / Mass StartFeb 2, 2020Mont St-Anne QuébecNor-Am Cup15ClassicDistance70:45:34.7088.76
View Race2020 Haywood Western Canada Cup - Interval Start ClassicJan 18, 2020Whistler Olympic ParkFIS Race10ClassicDistance20:38:33.8088.21
View RaceWorld U23 ChampionshipsMar 3, 2020Oberwiesenthal, GERUnder 2310Distance70:32:07.3087.88
View RaceMSA TRIALS - Individuel / Interval StartFeb 1, 2020Nor-Am Cup10ClassicDistance40:32:06.6086.95
View RaceInterval Start - Free NakkertokDec 14, 2019Nor-Am Cup5FreeDistance50:13:34.8086.87
View RaceWorld U23 ChampionshipsMar 5, 2020Oberwiesenthal, GERUnder 2315Distance80:40:59.2086.55
View RaceSunday - Haywood NorAm Interval Start Free - Presented by Trail Sports and LorpenDec 8, 2019Canmore Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup10FreeDistance190:32:46.1085.26
View RaceSaturday - Haywood NorAM YOG Trial Interval Start Classic - Presented by Rocky Mountain Ski LodgeDec 7, 2019Canmore Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup5ClassicDistance350:17:11.9081.61