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List:4th Cdn Pts
Start:Jan 27, 2016
End:Jan 27, 2017
Races to Count:7
View RaceSki Tour Canada2016Mar 12, 2016Canmore Nordic CentreStage World Cup10ClassicDistance220:35:02.4096.34
View RaceFIS Tour de SkiJan 3, 2017OberstdorfStage World Cup10Distance3228:35.895.81
View RaceTrofeo Dante Canclini e Giuseppe SosioNov 27, 2016Santa Caterina ValfurvaFIS Race10Distance127:59.595.05
View RaceOPA ContinentalcupDec 11, 2016Valdidentro/IsolacciaOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance225:32.294.95
View RaceFIS Tour de SkiJan 6, 2017ToblachStage World Cup5Distance3013:33.594.95
View RaceFIS World CupFeb 14, 2016FalunWorld Cup10Distance3424:50.394.77
View RaceSwiss Cup - OPA ContinentalcupFeb 6, 2016CampraOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance224:39.794.57
View RaceFIS World CupDec 17, 2016La ClusazWorld Cup10Distance1725:07.194.52
View RaceOPA ContinentalcupDec 10, 2016Valdidentro/IsolacciaOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance427:51.694.36
View RaceSwiss Cup - OPA ContinentalcupFeb 7, 2016CampraOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance958:32.794.24
View RaceToppidrettsvekaAug 18, 2016AureRoller Skiing25Distance1001:07:28.194.18
View RaceTrofeo Anna Ambiel - Walter SormaniDec 3, 2016Riale - FormazzaFIS Race10Distance125:12.594.13
View RaceTrofeo Anna Ambiel - Walter SormaniDec 4, 2016Riale - FormazzaFIS Race7.5Distance121:05.894.05
View RaceSki Tour Canada2016Mar 5, 2016Quebec CityStage World Cup10FreeDistance380:26:00.9093.97
View RaceSki Tour Canada2016Mar 11, 2016Canmore Nordic CentreStage World Cup10FreeDistance270:25:16.0092.97
View RaceFIS Junior/U23 World Ski ChampionshipsFeb 23, 2016RasnovUnder 2310Distance929:46.692.69
View RaceFIS World CupJan 21, 2017UlricehamnWorld Cup10Distance4125:48.792.44
View RaceToppidrettsvekaAug 20, 2016TrondheimRoller Skiing15Distance2100:28:28.192.29
View RaceFIS Tour de SkiJan 4, 2017OberstdorfStage World Cup10Distance3929:55.692.24
View RaceFIS Tour de SkiJan 1, 2017Val MustairStage World Cup5Distance4214:39.991.45
View RaceFIS Junior/U23 World Ski ChampionshipsFeb 25, 2016RasnovUnder 2310Distance1224:29.291.08
View RaceFIS Tour de SkiJan 7, 2017Val di FiemmeStage World Cup10Distance3033:29.490.69
View RaceFIS Tour de SkiJan 8, 2017Val di FiemmeStage World Cup9Distance2837:34.690.19
View RaceSki Tour CanadaMar 12, 2016Ski Tour CanadaWorld Cup60Distance382:59:12.690.08
View RaceFIS World CupFeb 13, 2016FalunWorld Cup5Distance5315:33.289.84
View RaceSki Tour Canada 2016Mar 9, 2016Canmore Nordic CentreStage World Cup15Distance400:44:37.3089.79
View RaceSki Tour Canada 2016Mar 2, 2016MontrealStage World Cup10.5ClassicDistance580:36:15.6085.18