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List:3rd CPL Seeding Dist
Start:Feb 12, 2015
End:Feb 12, 2016
Races to Count:7
View RaceOPA COC Planica 2016Jan 10, 2016PlanicaOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance125:27.294.91
View RaceOPA Continental CupFeb 22, 2015CampraOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance231:28.194.61
View RaceSwiss Cup - OPA ContinentalcupFeb 6, 2016CampraOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance224:39.794.57
View RaceFIS OPA St. UlrichDec 19, 2015HochfilzenOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance525:49.594.29
View RaceSwiss Cup - OPA ContinentalcupFeb 7, 2016CampraOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance958:32.794.24
View RaceOPA Coupe ContinentaleDec 12, 2015PrémanonOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance224:53.694.14
View RaceOPA Games U16/U18Mar 1, 2015RoglaOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance443:07.294.02
View RaceFinale OPA Coupe ContinentaleMar 15, 2015ChamonixOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance429:05.993.46
View RaceFinale OPA Coupe ContinentaleMar 13, 2015ChamonixOrganisation of Alps Nations2.5Distance68:10.493.25
View RaceTrofeo Dante Canclini - Giuseppe SosioDec 5, 2015Santa Caterina ValfurvaFIS Race10Distance429:38.493.09
View RaceFIS World CupJan 23, 2016Nove MestoWorld Cup10Distance3427:04.993.01
View RaceOPA Continental CupFeb 21, 2015CampraOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance535:58.392.93
View RaceFIS OPA St. UlrichDec 20, 2015HochfilzenOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance930:07.792.67
View RaceFinale OPA Coupe ContinentaleMar 14, 2015ChamonixOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance1326:29.390.97
View RaceOPA Coupe ContinentaleDec 13, 2015PrémanonOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance627:12.790.69
View RaceOPA COC Planica 2016Jan 9, 2016PlanicaOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance831:18.590.23
View RaceTrofeo Dante Canclini - Giuseppe SosioDec 6, 2015Santa Caterina ValfurvaFIS Race10Distance356:48.790.02