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List:CPL v2 Distance List
Start:Jan 26, 2017
End:Jan 26, 2018
Races to Count:7
View RaceFIS Far East Cup Sapporo TOYOTA Cup All Japan Cross-Country Ski Race 2018Jan 8, 2018Sapporo shirahatayamaFar East Cup10Distance1029:10.890.38
View RaceOloksen TykkikisatNov 12, 2017OlosFIS Race8.6Distance3900:24:27.790.35
View RaceThe 88th International MIYASAMA ski GamesMar 3, 2017Sapporo shirahatayamaFIS Race5Distance217:06.689.25
View RaceFIS Far East Cup The 35th OTOINEPPU CUPDec 27, 2017OtoineppuFar East Cup5Distance1218:47.688.17
View RaceGaellivarepremiaeren 2017Nov 17, 2017GaellivareFIS Race5Distance6000:14:41.987.84
View RaceFIS Far East Cup The 35th OTOINEPPU CUPDec 26, 2017OtoineppuFar East Cup5Distance921:30.387.35
View RaceOloksen TykkikisatNov 11, 2017OlosFIS Race4.3Distance6100:13:49.687.1
View RaceFIS Far East Cup The 36th Ito Cup All Japan Champion Ski RaceJan 6, 2018Sapporo shirahatayamaFar East Cup5Distance1916:37.187.01
View RaceThe 88th International MIYASAMA ski GamesMar 4, 2017Sapporo shirahatayamaFIS Race10Distance527:18.886.5
View RaceGaellivarepremiaeren 2017Nov 18, 2017GaellivareFIS Race10Distance5700:32:22.285.88
View RaceUniversiadeJan 31, 2017AlmatyUniversiade5Distance2414:56.283.89
View RaceUniversiadeFeb 7, 2017AlmatyUniversiade15Distance1749:10.083.77
View RaceUniversiadeJan 30, 2017AlmatyUniversiade5Distance2916:36.780