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List:3rd CPL Dist Seeding List
Start:Jan 17, 2018
End:Jan 17, 2019
Races to Count:7
View Race2018 Ski Nationals Day 4 Free PursuitMar 13, 2018Thunder Bay, OntarioCanadian Championship15FreeDistance240:38:28.8090.19
View RaceCraftsbury Marathon Ski Festival presented by FischerJan 28, 2018Craftsbury Outdoor CenterUS Ski Tour10Distance1623:02.590.18
View RaceCEC Haywood / Cyclery Free Technique- Interval StartFeb 3, 2018Nor-Am Cup15ClassicDistance200:38:03.9088.99
View RaceSki Nationals 2018 Day 2 Classic Interval StartMar 11, 2018Thunder Bay, OntarioCanadian Championship10ClassicDistance290:28:19.9087.73
View Race2018 Ski Nationals Day 8 Classic Mass StartMar 17, 2018Thunder Bay OntarioCanadian Championship50ClassicDistance212:27:43.8087.08
View Race2018 Haywood NorAm World Jr/U23 Trials - Interval FreeDec 15, 2018Canmore ABNor-Am Cup15FreeDistance200:33:07.1087.08
View Race2018 Alberta Cup 1: Interval Start FreeNov 24, 2018Canmore Nordic CentreRegional Race10FreeDistance180:21:46.5085.69
View Race2018 Interval Start Classic Technique Haywood NorAm/US Super TourDec 9, 2018Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup15ClassicDistance500:46:52.5085.53
View Race2018 Alberta Cup 2: Interval Start ClassicNov 25, 2018Canmore Nordic CentreRegional Race11ClassicDistance220:30:14.4085.49
View RaceOUA 2018 Classic Interval StartFeb 23, 2018LappeRegional Race10ClassicDistance110:36:49.9081.57
View RaceCEC Haywood / FreshAir Classic- Open PursuitFeb 4, 2018Nor-Am Cup15ClassicDistance560:51:14.7080.86