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List:6th End of Season CPL Sprint
Start:Apr 16, 2018
End:Apr 16, 2019
Races to Count:4
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupFeb 16, 2019CogneSprint QualificationXSprint123:15.8797.35
View RaceFrozen Thunder Sprint QualifierOct 29, 2018Canmore Nordic CentreRegional Race1.5ClassicSprint10:03:36.7096.2
View RaceNORAM Bishop's -Subaru- ALTAGAS sprint qualificationJan 18, 2019Lennoxville - Bishop'sNor-Am Cup1.6FreeSprint10:03:08.8194.71
View Race2018 Haywood NorAm World Jr/U23 Trials - Sprint QualifierDec 13, 2018Canmore ABNor-Am Cup1.4cSprint70:03:23.7594.09
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupNov 30, 2018LillehammerSprint QualificationXSprint643:22.8492.89
View RaceNov 17, 2018BeitostoelenFIS Race1.7Sprint513:26.5192.87
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupMar 22, 2019QuébecSprint QualificationXSprint443:27.2291.11
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupNov 24, 2018RukaSprint QualificationXSprint762:47.5689.85
View RaceOloksen TykkikisatNov 9, 2018OlosFIS Race1.4Sprint2900:03:07.588.36