Details for: Marko STARCEVIC 25566List: 1088Return to Points List 1088
List:3rd CPL Seeding Dist
Start:Feb 12, 2015
End:Feb 12, 2016
Races to Count:7
View RaceFIS Race SeefeldDec 6, 2015SeefeldFIS Race10Distance12327:08.981.28
View RaceFIS CC Balkan CupJan 20, 2016Bolu/GeredeBalkan Cup10Distance2628:51.079.15
View RaceFIS race Pale 2016Jan 31, 2016Dvorista - PaleFIS Race10Distance927:54.778
View RaceFIS Balkan CUPFeb 14, 2015ZllatiborBalkan Cup5Distance613:00.177.7
View RaceFIS OPA St. UlrichDec 19, 2015HochfilzenOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance9443:36.376.66
View RaceFIS Balkan CUPFeb 13, 2015ZllatiborBalkan Cup10Distance1228:49.276.05
View RaceFIS Nordic World Ski ChampionshipsFeb 18, 2015FalunFIS Race10Distance3827:44.975.23
View RaceFIS CC Gerede CupJan 22, 2016Bolu/GeredeFIS Race10Distance2132:36.274.78
View RaceFIS racesFeb 28, 2015Dvorista - PaleFIS Race10Distance127:54.674.52
View RaceFIS racesMar 1, 2015Dvorista - PaleFIS Race10Distance327:50.372.89
View RaceFIS CC Balkan CupJan 19, 2016Bolu/GeredeBalkan Cup5Distance2820:19.565.86