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List:6th Canadian Seeding List
Start:Mar 10, 2016
End:Mar 10, 2017
Races to Count:7
View RaceANCSep 10, 2016Snow FarmAustralia/New Zealand Cup15Distance439:09.092.2
View RaceJan 15, 2017Alpensia ResortFar East Cup10Distance500:27:30.991.26
View RaceFIS FAR EAST CUP The34th OTOINEPPU CUPDec 27, 2016OtoineppuFar East Cup10Distance1831:58.191.07
View RaceDec 17, 2016Alpensia ResortFar East Cup15Distance900:43:29.790.64
View RaceOloksen TykkikisatNov 13, 2016OlosFIS Race15Distance5000:32:01.690.13
View RaceANCSep 11, 2016Snow FarmAustralia/New Zealand Cup10Distance326:46.190.08
View RaceOloksen TykkikisatNov 12, 2016OlosFIS Race10Distance6000:23:16.489.16
View RaceRukan TalvikisatDec 4, 2016RukaFIS Race15Distance1437:48.588.92
View Race8th Asian Winter Games Sapporo 2017Feb 26, 2017Sapporo shirahatayamaFIS Race30Distance111:29:28.788.62
View RaceSaariselan HiihdotNov 18, 2016SaariselkaFIS Race10Distance5131:54.288.48
View RaceFIS World CupNov 27, 2016RukaWorld Cup15Distance9540:24.687.96
View RaceFIS RacesMar 10, 2016Alpensia ResortFIS Race30Distance601:13:34.387.92
View RaceJan 16, 2017Alpensia ResortFar East Cup15Distance1300:39:15.287.13
View RaceFIS FAR EAST CUP The34th OTOINEPPU CUPDec 26, 2016OtoineppuFar East Cup10Distance5037:37.886.84
View Race8th Asian Winter Games Sapporo 2017Feb 23, 2017Sapporo shirahatayamaFIS Race10Distance1227:58.885.88
View RaceRukan TalvikisatDec 3, 2016RukaFIS Race10Distance2428:13.585.69
View RaceMar 1, 2017Alpensia ResortFIS Race10Distance600:28:30.685.6
View RaceMar 2, 2017Alpensia ResortFIS Race10Distance1100:31:43.980.33