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List:CPL 5th Period Updated
Start:Mar 9, 2014
End:Mar 9, 2015
Races to Count:7
View RaceLong Distance - CEC 2015 Haywood NORAM/Fresh AirFeb 1, 2015Nakkertok South Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup10ClassicDistance450:44:21.4265.1
View RaceNS Provincials 2015 Championships Interval ClassicFeb 8, 2015MartockRegional Race7.5ClassicDistance20:27:40.8063.48
View Race2015 CWG Able Bodied Mass Start FTFeb 26, 2015FIS Race10FreeDistance510:37:32.9962.2
View RaceShort Distance - CEC 2015 Haywood NORAM/CycleryJan 31, 2015Nakkertok South Nordic CentreNor-Am Cup10FreeDistance470:45:46.5059.94
View Race2015 CWG Interval Start ClassicFeb 23, 2015Otway Nordic CentreFIS Race7.5ClassicDistance470:32:35.1759.65
View RaceNS Provincials 2015 Championships Mass Start Free Feb 7, 2015MartockRegional Race2.5FreeDistance40:37:58.3055.43