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List:NST list April 11
Start:May 1, 2016
End:May 1, 2017
Races to Count:4
View RaceCEC Open Women 10Feb 4, 2017NakkertokNor-Am Cup10ClassicDistance20:30:12.6089.81
View RaceSwiss CupFeb 26, 2017CampraFIS Race7.5Distance1820:32.086.93
View RaceCECWomen Pur StageFeb 5, 2017NakkertokNor-Am Cup15FreeDistance60:49:41.9086.71
View RaceOPA ContinentalcupFeb 19, 2017ZwieselOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance1827:57.986.52
View RaceEasternCup Weekend 3Jan 29, 2017Rikert Nordic CenterFIS Race10Distance222:50.486.44
View RaceSwiss CupFeb 25, 2017CampraFIS Race5Distance1015:07.985.74
View RaceWorld Cup FinalsMar 18, 2017Quebec CityWorld Cup10ClassicDistance610:28:29.5085.63
View RaceOPA ContinentalcupFeb 18, 2017ZwieselOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance3026:08.784.79
View RaceWorld Cup FinalsMar 19, 2017Quebec CityWorld Cup10FreeDistance650:26:56.9083.88
View Race2017 L.L.Bean U.S. Cross Country Ski ChampionshipsJan 7, 2017Soldier Hollow, UTNational Championships10Distance9531:24.281.68
View RaceSki Nationals 2017 Day 8: Long Mass FreeMar 25, 2017Canmore Nordic CentreCanadian Championship30FreeDistance151:33:01.2580.06
View RaceFIS World CupDec 17, 2016La ClusazWorld Cup10Distance5929:43.379.88
View Race2017 L.L.Bean U.S. Cross Country Ski ChampionshipsJan 10, 2017Soldier Hollow, UTNational Championships20Distance4501:13:43.479.77