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List:6th End of Season CPL Di
Start:Apr 16, 2018
End:Apr 16, 2019
Races to Count:7
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupMar 23, 2019QuébecStage World Cup10Distance125:51.6100.01
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupDec 2, 2018LillehammerStage World Cup10Distance630:05.398.23
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupMar 24, 2019QuébecStage World Cup10Distance1523:55.197.59
View RaceBruksvallsloppetNov 17, 2018BruksvallarnaFIS Race10Distance300:28:32.397.44
View RaceFIS Tour de SkiJan 2, 2019OberstdorfStage World Cup10Distance1033:05.597.15
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupNov 25, 2018RukaWorld Cup10Distance1129:34.395.46
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupDec 1, 2018LillehammerStage World Cup10Distance1527:58.494.55
View RaceFIS Tour de SkiDec 30, 2018ToblachStage World Cup10Distance3925:10.892.67
View RaceFjaelltopploppetApr 13, 2019BruksvallarnaFIS Race35Distance71:35:41.292.48
View RaceFIS Cross-Country World CupDec 16, 2018DavosWorld Cup10Distance3928:30.091.99