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List:Period 1
Start:Nov 5, 2011
End:Nov 5, 2012
Races to Count:7
View RaceHaywood NorAM Eastern Canadian Final StageFeb 5, 2012Cantley, QuebecNor-Am Cup15ClassicDistance180:49:44.7084.16
View RaceHaywood NorAM Eastern Canadian Interval FreeFeb 4, 2012Cantley, QuebecNor-Am Cup10FreeDistance240:30:07.7080.88
View RaceCoupe Quebec # 1Jan 8, 2012Mont Ste-AnneRegional Race5ClassicDistance70:20:05.1080.44
View RaceChampionnats Haywood 2012 Int Cl FinalMar 19, 2012Plaines d'Abraham et Mont Sainte-AnneCanadian Championship5ClassicDistance370:17:35.8080.29
View RaceChampionnats Haywood 2012 Mass Start Classic FinalMar 24, 2012Plaines d'Abraham et Mont Sainte-AnneCanadian Championship20ClassicDistance111:13:53.4980.14
View RaceChampionnats Haywood 2012 Int libre FinalMar 20, 2012Plaines d'Abraham et Mont Sainte-AnneCanadian Championship10FreeDistance520:37:22.1079.6