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List:4th CPL Distance
Start:Mar 16, 2015
End:Mar 16, 2016
Races to Count:7
View RaceTrofeo Dante Canclini - Giuseppe SosioDec 6, 2015Santa Caterina ValfurvaFIS Race15Distance101h10:06.295.59
View RaceFIS OPA FinalMar 13, 2016Toblach/DobbiacoOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance1033:46.294.86
View RaceSwiss Cup - OPA ContinentalcupFeb 6, 2016CampraOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance1433:46.094.7
View RaceFIS OPA FinalMar 11, 2016Toblach/DobbiacoOrganisation of Alps Nations3.3Distance187:41.193.55
View RaceOPA COC Planica 2016Jan 10, 2016PlanicaOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance1332:41.592.63
View RaceTrofeo Dante Canclini - Giuseppe SosioDec 5, 2015Santa Caterina ValfurvaFIS Race15Distance1537:41.092.62
View RaceSwiss Cup - OPA ContinentalcupFeb 7, 2016CampraOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance281:20:55.292.37
View RaceFIS OPA FinalMar 12, 2016Toblach/DobbiacoOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance1741:16.391.76
View RaceOPA COC Planica 2016Jan 9, 2016PlanicaOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance5639:02.588.78