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List:4th CPL Distance
Start:Mar 16, 2015
End:Mar 16, 2016
Races to Count:7
View RaceMayors ChallengeFeb 13, 2016Theodore Wirth Park, MNFIS Race15Distance637:14.493.3
View RaceU.S Cross Country Championships.Jan 7, 2016Houghton, MINational Championships30Distance181:23:46.992.34
View RaceNCAA Skiing ChampionshipsMar 12, 2016Steamboat Howelsen Ski Area, COFIS Race20Distance2152:59.389.52
View RaceNCAA Central Regional ChampionshipFeb 21, 2016Al Quall Ski Area, Ishpeming, MIFIS Race20Distance11:01:01.888.9
View RaceTelemark ChallengeJan 23, 2016Cable, WIFIS Race10Distance427:11.888.78
View RaceMayors ChallengeFeb 14, 2016Theodore Wirth Park, MNFIS Race10Distance1721:33.488.24
View RaceU.S Cross Country Championships.Jan 3, 2016Houghton, MINational Championships15Distance6744:49.886.97
View RaceNCAA Skiing ChampionshipsMar 10, 2016Steamboat Howelsen Ski Area, COFIS Race10Distance3324:36.986.06
View RaceTelemark ChallengeJan 24, 2016Cable, WIFIS Race15Distance1337:51.284.45
View RaceNCAA Central Regional ChampionshipFeb 20, 2016Al Quall Ski Area, Ishpeming, MIFIS Race10Distance1026:45.683.25