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List:NP Period 3
Start:Feb 14, 2006
End:Feb 14, 2007
Races to Count:7
View RaceSpring Series<Mar 19, 2006Presque Isle<Nor-Am Cup15Distance940:03.392.84
View RaceMidwest Grand Prix<Jan 20, 2007Mt. Itasca, MN<US Ski Tour15Distance235:59.492.55
View RaceUS Ski Tour<Dec 10, 2006Sun Valley, ID<US Ski Tour30Distance111:20:53.891.37
View RaceMidwest Grand Prix<Jan 27, 2007Telemark, WI<US Ski Tour10Distance622:10.291.34
View RaceMidwest Grand Prix<Jan 28, 2007Telemark, WI<US Ski Tour15Distance738:57.891.09
View RaceMidwest Grand Prix<Jan 21, 2007Mt. Itasca, MN<US Ski Tour10Distance825:44.690.48
View RaceUS Ski Tour<Dec 9, 2006Sun Valley, ID<US Ski Tour10Distance2126:56.490.09
View RaceUS Cross Country Championships<Jan 3, 2007Houghton, MI<National Championships10Distance2227:20.389.72
View RaceWest Yellowstone COC<Nov 25, 2006West Yellowstone, MT<US Ski Tour15Distance1139:26.089.52
View RaceUS Cross Country Championships<Jan 4, 2007Houghton, MI<National Championships15Distance3543:36.887.98