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List:NP Period 4
Start:Feb 27, 2005
End:Feb 27, 2006
Races to Count:7
View RaceWestern State Invite<Feb 10, 2006Crested Butte<FIS Race10Distance1529:06.183.88
View RaceUNR Invite<Feb 24, 2006Soda Springs<FIS Race20Distance1953:26.783.39
View RaceWest Yellowstone, MT COC<Nov 26, 2005West Yellowstone<Nor-Am Cup10Distance5541:35.780.97
View RaceUNR Invite<Feb 23, 2006Soda Springs<FIS Race10Distance2629:29.280.3
View RaceWestern State Invite<Feb 11, 2006Crested Butte<FIS Race10Distance1633:02.580
View RaceMSU Invite<Jan 15, 2006Montana<FIS Race15Distance3655:22.579.57
View RaceU.S. Cross Country Championships<Jan 8, 2006Soldier Hollow<National Championships10Distance10130:43.278.77
View RaceU.S. Cross Country Championships<Jan 7, 2006Soldier Hollow<National Championships15Distance9550:29.775.43
View RaceMSU Invite<Jan 14, 2006Montana<FIS Race10Distance4141:16.669.18