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List:Period 4
Start:Mar 5, 2009
End:Mar 5, 2010
Races to Count:7
View RaceCOC-und Alpencup Jugend - LanglaufDec 19, 2009HochfilzenOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance680:26:11.586.39
View RaceFIS Cross Country Balkan CupMar 11, 2009Bursa/UludagBalkan Cup10Distance2129:17.182.21
View RaceFIS Rollerski World CupSep 26, 2009NaousaRoller Skiing15Distance845:21.181.01
View RaceJan 23, 2010KrusevoFIS Race5Distance514:26.580.64
View RaceMavrovski MemorijalJan 20, 2010MavrovoBalkan Cup5Distance712:16.280.09
View RaceMavrovski MemorijalJan 21, 2010MavrovoBalkan Cup10Distance1025:09.479.58
View RaceContinental CupDec 12, 2009Alta Badia - San CassianoOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance770:49:01.979.29
View RaceBalkan CUP SarajevoMar 22, 2009Igman - SarajevoFIS Race15Distance150:14.177.17
View RaceBalkan CUP SarajevoMar 21, 2009Igman - SarajevoFIS Race10Distance333:42.276.04