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List:Period 5 CPL
Start:Apr 7, 2013
End:Apr 7, 2014
Races to Count:7
View RaceSesongåpning BeitostoelenNov 22, 2013BeitostoelenFIS Race10Distance1528:52.893.59
View RaceFIS World CupNov 30, 2013KuusamoStage World Cup5Distance5114:53.091.29
View RaceFIS World CupDec 1, 2013KuusamoWorld CupXDistance5947:53.491.27
View RaceFIS World CupJan 19, 2014Szklarska PorebaWorld Cup10Distance2738:15.891.26
View RaceFIS World CupMar 16, 2014FalunStage World Cup10Distance4126:59.290.95
View RaceFIS World CupDec 1, 2013KuusamoStage World Cup10Distance7730:02.089
View RaceXXII Olympic Winter GamesFeb 13, 2014SochiOlympic Winter Games10Distance5432:47.086.78
View RaceFIS World CupMar 16, 2014FalunWorld CupXDistance411:18:33.186.5
View RaceFIS World CupMar 15, 2014FalunStage World Cup15Distance4348:36.485.23
View RaceFIS World CupDec 7, 2013LillehammerWorld Cup10Distance6829:46.784.27