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List:Per 4 CPL Distance WomV2
Start:Mar 11, 2013
End:Mar 11, 2014
Races to Count:7
View RaceXI Saariselän hiihdotNov 24, 2013InariFIS Race10Distance3830:42.189.08
View RaceFIS racesDec 8, 2013SeefeldFIS Race5Distance3114:31.987.94
View RaceXI Saariselän hiihdotNov 23, 2013InariFIS Race5Distance4016:40.287.59
View RaceOPA ContinentalcupDec 14, 2013St. Ulrich / PillerseetalOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance2228:53.887.01
View RaceXXII Olympic Winter GamesFeb 13, 2014SochiOlympic Winter Games10Distance5632:58.086.3
View RaceTykkikisatNov 17, 2013MuonioFIS Race10Distance9029:35.686.19
View RaceSlavic CupDec 22, 2013Horni MiseckySlavic Cup10Distance400:26:14.886.09
View RaceFIS racesDec 7, 2013SeefeldFIS Race5Distance3017:07.785.95
View RaceSlavic CupDec 21, 2013Horni MiseckySlavic Cup5Distance500:15:31.685.86
View RaceTykkikisatNov 16, 2013MuonioFIS Race5Distance11316:00.785.83
View RaceTrofeo D. Canclini e G. SosioDec 1, 2013S. Caterina ValfurvaFIS Race5Distance1315:31.885.38
View RaceSwiss CupDec 30, 2013CampraFIS Race10Distance1230:13.284.96
View RaceOPA ContinentalcupDec 15, 2013St. Ulrich / PillerseetalOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance2632:49.784.3
View RaceOPA Continentalcup FinalMar 16, 2013ToblachOrganisation of Alps Nations5Distance3416:30.383.67
View RaceOPA Continentalcup FinalMar 15, 2013ToblachOrganisation of Alps Nations2.5Distance369:13.582.05
View RaceXXII Olympic Winter GamesFeb 8, 2014SochiOlympic Winter Games15Distance6147:17.781.56
View RaceOPA Continentalcup FinalMar 17, 2013ToblachOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance3432:43.177.32