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List:NP Period 5
Start:Apr 24, 2005
End:Apr 24, 2006
Races to Count:7
View RaceCOC Campra<Dec 17, 2005Campra<Organisation of Alps Nations5Distance2115:12.992.31
View RaceSwisscom Cup Campra<Dec 27, 2005Campra<FIS Race5Distance716:09.990.94
View RaceSwisscom Cup Campra<Dec 28, 2005Campra<FIS Race10Distance334:19.689.36
View RaceFIS Balkan Continental Cup<Mar 17, 2006Bursa/Uludag<Balkan Cup10Distance229:43.788.5
View Race20th Olympic Winter Games<Feb 16, 2006Pragelato Plan<Olympic Winter Games10Distance5231:47.188.2
View RaceFIS Balkan Continental Cup<Mar 16, 2006Bursa/Uludag<Balkan Cup5Distance218:07.088.17
View Race20th Olympic Winter Games<Feb 24, 2006Pragelato Plan<Olympic Winter Games30Distance491:34:07.287.58
View RaceCOC Campra<Dec 18, 2005Campra<Organisation of Alps Nations10Distance2636:41.386.96
View RaceFIS Race<Mar 14, 2006Bolu/Gerede<FIS Race5Distance115:25.386.06
View RaceFIS Race<Mar 13, 2006Bolu/Gerede<FIS Race5Distance120:32.384.85