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List:NP Period 1
Start:Oct 1, 2005
End:Oct 1, 2006
Races to Count:7
View RaceNational Championships<Mar 8, 2006Lappe Nordic Thunder Bay<Canadian Championship7.5FreeDistance9425:40.8068.49
View RaceNorAm & AB Cup #2 Classic Dec 4<Dec 4, 2005Canmore Nordic Centre, Canmore, Alberta<Regional Race4ClassicDistance214:13.8067.39
View RaceNational Championships<Mar 7, 2006Lappe Nordic Thunder Bay<Canadian Championship5ClassicDistance2617:19.4065.43
View RaceHaywood Canada Cup Mass Start Classic<Nov 26, 2005Sovereign Lake, Vernon BC<Regional Race7.5ClassicDistance331:50.7065.19
View RaceNational Championships<Mar 12, 2006Lappe Nordic Thunder Bay<Canadian Championship7.5ClassicDistance2624:4165.13
View RaceAlberta Cup #1<Dec 3, 2005Canmore Nordic Centre, Canmore, Alberta<Regional Race5FreeDistance414:42.6163.05
View RaceSharkfest<Mar 25, 2006Mount Shark<Regional Race5PursuitDistance218:5962.43
View RaceSharkfest<Mar 26, 2006Mount Shark<Regional Race5FreeDistance418:57.3061.52