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List:NP Period 1
Start:Oct 1, 2005
End:Oct 1, 2006
Races to Count:7
View RaceContinental Cup<Feb 12, 2006S. Maria Maggiore<Organisation of Alps Nations30Distance221:12:51.293.94
View RaceCoupe Continentale OPA<Jan 22, 2006Taninges - Praz de Lys<Organisation of Alps Nations15Distance1242:12.293.53
View RaceFIS Race<Jan 29, 2006Gap Bayard<FIS Race2x7.5Distance1448:20.793.42
View RaceCoC + Alpencup<Jan 8, 2006St. Ulrich am Pillersee<Organisation of Alps Nations15Distance2300:36:21.893.14
View RaceCoupe Continentale OPA<Jan 21, 2006Taninges - Praz de Lys<Organisation of Alps Nations15Distance838:04.492.44
View RaceCOC Campra<Dec 18, 2005Campra<Organisation of Alps Nations15Distance2645:54.192.07
View RaceCOC Campra<Dec 17, 2005Campra<Organisation of Alps Nations10Distance3028:44.090.5
View RaceContinental Cup<Dec 11, 2005Dobbiaco<Organisation of Alps Nations15Distance5239:30.790.31
View RaceCoC + Alpencup<Jan 7, 2006St. Ulrich am Pillersee<Organisation of Alps Nations10Distance4300:27:28.088.58
View RaceContinental Cup<Dec 10, 2005Dobbiaco<Organisation of Alps Nations10Distance7028:20.987.83