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List:Period 5
Start:Apr 25, 2009
End:Apr 25, 2010
Races to Count:7
View RaceSwiss CupDec 6, 2009UlrichenFIS Race15Distance135:44.1100.32
View RaceCOC-und Alpencup Jugend - LanglaufDec 19, 2009HochfilzenOrganisation of Alps Nations10Distance10:22:43.399.58
View RaceSwiss CupDec 30, 2009CampraFIS Race15Distance140:52.399.21
View RaceLa Sgambeda Classic and Free TecniqueDec 13, 2009LivignoMarathon Cup42Distance41:38:08.998.9
View RaceFIS World CupNov 21, 2009BeitostoelenWorld Cup15Distance1035:08.198.77
View RaceFIS World CupDec 12, 2009DavosWorld Cup15Distance1136:38.398.35
View RaceSwiss CupDec 5, 2009UlrichenFIS Race10Distance327:25.298.1
View RaceBeitosprintenNov 14, 2009BeitostoelenFIS Race15Distance940:19.697.98
View RaceCOC-und Alpencup Jugend - LanglaufDec 20, 2009HochfilzenOrganisation of Alps Nations15Distance50:38:17.797.52
View RaceFIS World CupFeb 5, 2010CanmoreWorld Cup15Distance1635:03.397.49
View RaceWinter World Military ChampionshipsMar 24, 2010CogneInternational Military Sports Council15Distance1033:18.397.29
View Race21st Olympic Winter GamesFeb 15, 2010Whistler Olympic ParkOlympic Winter Games15Distance1534:51.197.01
View RaceFIS World CupMar 13, 2010OsloWorld Cup50Distance212:15:29.495.46
View RaceBeitosprintenNov 15, 2009BeitostoelenFIS Race10Distance5128:51.391.57
View Race21st Olympic Winter GamesFeb 20, 2010Whistler Olympic ParkOlympic Winter Games30Distance441:22:52.190.76