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List:NP Period 1
Start:Oct 1, 2004
End:Oct 1, 2005
Races to Count:7
View RaceHaywood Sov Lake Jr B UB 5k X<Nov 25, 2004Sovereign Lake<Continental Cup5FreeDistance17:20.162.25
View RaceCanadian Championships Overall Pursuit UB<Mar 2, 2005Otway<Canadian Championship10FreeDistance46:11.957.51
View RaceCanadian Championships 2005 Juvenile Boys 5k C-1stday of pursuit<Mar 1, 2005OTWAY<Canadian Championship5ClassicDistance18:31.556.91
View RaceHaywood Races Sov Lake UB Pursuit X<Nov 27, 2004Sovereign Lake<Continental Cup5FreeDistance18:37.156.75
View RaceBC Champs UB<Feb 19, 2005100 Mile House<Provincial Championship7.5ClassicDistance31:25.354.96
View RaceBC CUP #1 SOVEREIGN LK MASS ST. FREE UB 5KM<Jan 8, 2005SOVEREIGN LAKES<Regional Race5FreeDistance20:11.551.35