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List:Period 2 2008-09 CAN+USA
Start:Dec 23, 2007
End:Dec 23, 2008
Races to Count:7
View RaceSuper Tour OpenerNov 28, 2008West Yellowstone, MTUS Ski Tour15Distance941:54.993.02
View RaceHaywood NorAm 2/ 10&15 km Night RaceDec 13, 2008SOVEREIGN LAKE, BCNor-Am Cup15ClassicDistance150:47:51.3090.87
View RaceUniversity of Colorado Invitational<Jan 20, 2008Winter Park, CO<FIS Race15Distance941:09.588.44
View RaceJan 27, 2008Telemark, WI<US Ski Tour15Distance1341:21.088.27
View RaceUS Cross Country Championships<Jan 1, 2008Houghton, MI<National Championships10Distance5327:01.788.22
View RaceUS Cross Country Championships<Jan 3, 2008Houghton, MI<National Championships15Distance6245:49.787.87
View RaceHaywood Interval Start Free TechniqueDec 7, 2008SOVEREIGN LAKE, B.C.Nor-Am Cup15FreeDistance370:43:15.9087.52
View RaceSuper Tour OpenerNov 29, 2008West Yellowstone, MTUS Ski Tour10Distance3324:06.287.38
View RaceJan 26, 2008Telemark, WI<US Ski Tour10Distance1928:44.087.03
View Race25 Gsieser Tal Lauf - Continental Cup<Feb 17, 2008Gsieser Tal Val Casies<Organisation of Alps Nations42Distance5101:37:18.386.79
View RaceUniversity of Colorado Invitational<Jan 19, 2008Winter Park, CO<FIS Race10Distance827:44.685.37